The LaFayette Police Department investigated 340 complaints resulting in 29 arrest during the month of September 2019. There were 2 traffic accidents resulting in 0 injuries. Animal control picked up 0.
7-failure to appear or pay
1-disorderly conduct
1-theft of property 4th
1-no proof of insurance
1-resist arrest
1-domestic violence 3rd harassment
1-improper turn
1-burglary 2nd
1-robbery 3rd
1-criminal mischief 1st
1-driver’s license suspended or revoked
1-possession of concealed weapon without a permit
1-possession of marijuana 2nd
1-run red light
1-permitting dogs to run at large
1-domestic violence assault 1st
1-domestic violence by strangulation or suffocation
1-possession of brass knuckles
1-domestic violence assault 2nd
1-public intoxication

Officer’s attended the following seminars:
September 2018:
Wrecks        6
Injuries        0
Complaints     411
Arrest         43
Animal control  5