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2018 calendar set


By Alton Mitchell

The Chambers County Commission has approved its 2018 holiday calendar. While the Commission will observe many of the same holidays its observed in 2017, there will be one noticeable change that was approved at Monday evenings commission meeting.

The Chambers County Commission will recognize its normal holidays in 2018 as it does each year such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. These will be County recognized holidays, but one change will come in 2018 when it comes to how commission meetings are held when they fall on a holiday.

The Chambers County Commission normally meets on a bi-weekly schedule, every other Monday. However, some holidays have fallen on Mondays and in those instances Commission members have held a make up meeting on the Tuesday that follows the holiday. In 2018, that will no longer be the case.

Commissioners approved a resolution on Monday evening that holidays that fall on Monday’s will be made up on the following Monday in 2018 rather than the Tuesday after the holiday. The change will be in effect for all Monday holiday meetings in 2018 with the exception of the November 5th meeting which is presently in question due to the election of 2018 that falls in that time frame.

The resolution to approve the calendar was approved by all members of the Chambers County Commission voting in favor of it.