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23 dead, 60 plus injured in deadliest tornado


Lee County received a
wave of deadly weather
Sunday afternoon which
resulted in a current
death toll of 23, injuries
reported above 60 and
dozens missing. At least
12 of those deaths oc-
curred in an area about 6
miles south of the city of
Opelika, Sheriff Jay Jones
said. Three of the 23
were children under the
age of 12.
Lee County EMA said
tornado watches went out
at 11am then warnings
were issued at 2:38 p.m.
on Sunday. Then shortly
afterwards calls started
flooding in about reported
tornado sightings and
damage around the Beau-
regard and Smith Station
The National Weather
Service has reported that
the Beauregard tornado
was an EF4 with wind
speeds up to 170mph. At
times the tornado was
1mile wide and the track
was 24 miles long. A
second tornado came thru
the same area just minutes
after the first one. It was
rated an EF1 tornado.
Jonathon Brown an
EMT and a local resident
of LaFayette, who works
for ETS of Opelika was
one of the first responders
on the scene. Brown in
a quivery voice said, “It
is hard to put into words
what I saw. You can’t
describe it. We have all
worked storms all over
the state but this one is
Brown also commented
how amazing it was to
see so many EMT’s and
rescue people show up on
the scene so fast. Brown
reported seeing EMT’s
and ambulances from La-
Fayette, Lanett, Auburn,
Opelika, Care Ambulance
Services, Haynes Ambu-
lance Services, Tallapoosa
EMS, and Alexander City
Lee County EMA
held a press conference
Monday after noon and
Governor Kay Ivey spoke
“Our Great State was rav-
aged yesterday. We have
lost children, mothers,
fathers, neighbors and
friends. To know Alabama
is to know we are a tight community.”
President Trump also
called in to Lee County
EMA and expressed his
condolences and promised
full resources.
Chris Darden of the
National Weather Service
said more people died
Sunday in the Beauregard
tornado than died all last
year in tornadoes nation-
wide. Darden also stated
this was the deadliest
tornado in our country
since 2013.
East Alabama Medical
Center in Opelika stated
at 6 p.m. Sunday that it
had received more than
60 patients as a result of
the tornado, with double
digits sent to surrounding
area hospitals. As a result,
the hospital canceled
elective procedures for
Monday. All but four of

    the 60 patients have been
    sent home.
    Lee County cancelled
    classes for all schools.
    Valley High School,
    Church of the Highlands
    and Providence Church are
    receiving and distributing
    items to victims. They are
    asking for baby items, tow-
    els, blankets and clothing.
    Opelika Animal Hospital has
    stated they will take in any
    dislocated pets.
    The Lee County Coro-
    ner’s Office is asking for
    anyone trying to identify
    someone or for anyone looking for someone missing to
    call the Lee County Emer-
    gency Management Agency
    at 334-749-8161.
    Kay Ivey’s last remarks
    “Our hearts go out to those
    who lost their lives in the
    storms that hit Lee County
    today. Praying for their
    families & everyone whose
    homes or businesses were