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’50 Lawns in 50′ States: One Man’s Mission to Give Back

’50 Lawns in 50′ States: One Man’s Mission to Give Back


Rodney Smith, founder of lawn care nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, is mowing lawns in all 50 states to help those who cannot mow lawns due to various health reasons.

After graduating with a degree in computer science, the Alabama native founded his lawn care nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which helps the youth in his area give back to their communities. For free, the youth mow lawns, rake leaves, and perform other yard tasks for people who cannot do it themselves, including the elderly, veterans, and disabled individuals.

He uses social media to pre-plan the areas he visits in each state. By reaching out to local communities, he’s able to identify individuals who need the services he provides and mows their lawns for free.

He started the charity in 2016. Since then, the original ’50 Yard Challenge’ posed by Smith has made his mission go viral.

“He challenged kids to mow 50 lawns for people in need. The kids join by posting a photo of themselves on social media with a sign that says they accept the 50 Yard Challenge — and then they get to work,” reported CBS News.

So far, over 84 kids in three countries have participated in Smith’s challenge.

However, Smith’s new mission is a little different.

“I have three main goals: (1) to teach kids about lawn mower safety, (2) talk to kids about the importance of community service, and (3) encourage kids to take up the 50-yard challenge,” Smith writes on the Raising Men Lawn Care website. He plans on doing this by visiting schools and community organizations.

There are over 85 million homes across the United States that have lawns ready for mowing. The “50 Lawns in 50 States” challenge will witness Smith traveling across the country, sometimes mowing up to four lawns in each state as he talks to kids and the people that need his services.

He’s currently sponsored by lawn care company, Briggs and Stratton, but he is accepting donations on his website to fund his travels. Smith has already traveled to over 20 states within the first three weeks of his mission.

Smith has big hopes for the future of his business after completing the 50 Lawns in 50 States challenge. He hopes his charity will become a national organization, but that only scratches the surface of his ambition. He also hopes to reward the kids that have already taken part in the 50 yard challenge through gifts and even scholarships for those who continue to do well in school.

“When they complete 50, we go surprise them, mow lawns with them and give them a brand new lawn mower,” Smith told CBS News.

Though Smith has yet to complete his current challenge, kids in his program across America have already gotten involved; they’ve even helped him mow lawns in their community when he visits their state.

Smith regularly updates his social media outlets with photos and statuses from his travels, both with the children he works with and the people he helps.