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$550k sought for water project


By Alton Mitchell

The Chambers County Commission approved a request to seek two grants during its Monday afternoon meeting. The funds from the grant are being sought after for a major water project in the Double Head community near County Road 258.

Commissioners unanimously voted to approve a resolution to apply for two grants totaling $550,000 for the water project. The first grant is a CDBG grant in the amount of $350,000.00. The grant does require a 20% match by the County which equals $70,000. The second grant is a $200,000 ARC grant with no required match by the county.

The grants are being sought after for a water project in the Double Head community. As commissioners discussed the grants on Monday it was noted that the Double Head community has about 45-50 homes that are without water and this project is being sought after to supply water to those homes through county water systems.

Commissioners did approve the grant unanimously after some discussion including concerns being discussed about getting residents in the area to come on board with the one-time tap fee. Commissioner Joe Blanks eased some concerns as he stated that he had spoke with many of the households and the residents expressed they are ready for the project to take shape and come on board.