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700 attend Chambers County expo


The Chambers County
Outdoor Expo was held
on Saturday October 6,
2018 at LaFayette Heights
Baptist Church. The event
started at 9 am cst and the
attendee rate was approxi-
mately 700 people this
They had around ten
cook teams which served
up things like deer burg-
ers, turtle stew , deer chili,
fried crappie, and rattle-
There were also twenty
five vendors available,
who brought out all kinds
of out door entertain-
ment. There were multiple
door prizes given away
throughout the event. Mr.
Randy Talley won the
Grand Prize Shot Gun.
Six other churches from
the community partici-
pated in the expo and the
guest speaker was Mr.
Scott Dawson. The food,
music, prizes, and fel-
lowship were all free for
people attending.