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Unemployment up 0.2% in Chambers County


By Alton Mitchell

The Alabama department of labor has released its new statewide unemployment numbers. For the first time in recent months Chambers County found itself on the rising side of the spectrum for unemployment numbers. Numbers in the county rose by 0.2% in the month of February to the level of 6.2%.

The rise in unemployment rates in Chambers County placed the County at the same level it was at last February. This was up from 6.0% in January. During the first quarter of the New Year unemployment levels tend to rise nationwide as many find themselves facing holiday layoffs from retailers.

The 6.2% deficit in Chambers County employment numbers represents 933 residents in the County in the area of actively seeking employment, but not having yet located steady employment.

The 6.2% unemployment rate in the County is in line with the Alabama state average which found itself also at the rate of 6.2% in the month of February. The state average remained unchanged in the month of February from January in which it also found itself at 6.2%. Nationwide numbers were drastically lower than both local and state averages in the month of February. The nationwide average found itself at 4.9% in the month of February.

Regional numbers found themselves spread across the board. As our neighbor to the south Lee County, found itself with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state. The month of February displayed unemployment rates of 5.5% in Lee County. The numbers in Lee County were among the lowest in the state of Alabama, but also showed a rise of 0.2% over January numbers in which that County had unemployment rates of 5.3%.

Randolph County to the north had unemployment rates that were lower than Chambers County just slightly lower rates that found themselves at 6.0% in the month of February. The numbers in Randolph County remained unchained from the previous month.

Despite the rates increasing in the Chambers County community in the months of February the overall employment numbers in the County saw growth in the month of February. The county had 15,120 employees in the County. That number was up over the month of January in which there were 15,062 jobs in the County.