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Trip Wire teaches explosives usage

Trip Wire teaches explosives usage


Demonstration of a small bomb ignited during training
Demonstration of a small bomb ignited during training

Training in Fredonia

By Charlotte Blasingame

The Rotary Club of LaFayette recently held its meeting at First Baptist Church and had the pleasure of hearing CEO of Trip Wire, Ryan Morris. Trip Wire is based out of Erie and Gettysburg, Pa and has a second location in the Quail Run subdivision in Fredonia, Alabama.

Trip Wire is a First Responders certified company.

Mr. Morris stated in Alabama using explosives is much easier. In Pennsylvania it is highly regulated being so close to Washington DC and not far enough away from the Capitol . Trip Wire trains bomb squads, swat teams, local police, and sheriff departments as well as training dogs for explosive detection.
The company is also a supplier of supplies needed for different explosives.

Mr. Morris stated he has a BA in Criminal Justice with a MA in Education. His credentials are impressive with experience as a Police Officer since 1987, a Bomb Squad Commander, AEDT/UERS , Flight 93/DMORT , DHS- Supervisor Explosive Specialist, as is a Pa and Al licensed Blaster.

Rotary Club
Trip Wire training group

He named his company after an IED (Tripwire) and is formed by a grant to train around the country first responders! They also provide all explosives related training and products. Trip Wire also provides products for the:
Department of Defense
Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
State and Local Government, with a free swat team training in June for Troup and Chambers County.

After effects of a bomb explosion
After effects of a bomb explosion

One problem Mr. Morris faces is the controversy the setting off of explosives has caused. Even though they are in a remote area, people from as far away as Lanett and Valley, claim to be hearing the blasts. People have attended local meetings to complain about the noise. For his part, Mr. Morris has attended many meetings as well explaining there is no danger to the training that is taking place.

He did say he is having a problem with people not respecting his No Trespassing signs in his designated training grounds. He claimed they were just walking right into the firing field. This is very dangerous for all involved, Morris noted.

He states he used to tell where and when they were located but he doesn’t anymore because he can’t risk lives.

Mr. Morris says he is certainly not here to cause trouble and wants to be a good neighbor. His main concern is getting blamed for things whenever he isn’t even here! Currently he is lea