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Abandon properties embarrising

Abandon properties embarrising


Dear Editor:

I would like to share this letter with Mr. Tucker, LaFayette City Attorney.
I would like to bring to your attention issues regarding the City/Council’s failure to enforce established ordinances regarding burned and abandoned homes and unkept property.

Some of these issues have been addressed with the City of LaFayette; however they have failed to pursue action to remedy any of the situations. The properties have a negative impact on the City and affect property values of those living around them. One property is located on LaFayette Street North and it is an embarrassment to our town as out of town individuals passing through LaFayette. Not only are the properties an eyesore, some are dangerous. Members of the City Council have a responsibility to enforce City ordinances and should be removed from office if they fail to do so. I understand that legal action can be taken against the City to enforce these ordinances.

In addition, years ago a petition was presented to the City Council to extend the sidewalk from LaFayette Street North to Highway 77. The petition has yet to be acted upon. The lack of a sidewalk presents safety issues for pedestrians as well as motorists. It is my understanding that grant money may be available, however the City Council refuses to apply for one. The State DOT Office has been contacted regarding this safety issue. They have responded that they agree it is a safety issue and they too don’t understand why the City has not applied for a grant as it would be that simple. Members of the community are aware that the City Council has focused on obtaining grant money for the new park and I do not understand why they can’t do the same to obtain funding for a sidewalk to help with safety issues.

I was born and raised in LaFayette and it is sad to see a town that was once well kept fall into neglect and disrepair. This has undoubtedly contributed to the decline of what was once a booming town. The appearance of a town has a strong influence on any prospective industry and business as well as new citizens in their decision to relocate to the City of LaFayette.

Respectfully Submitted,
Randy Talley

(Shown are photos of abandoned properties in LaFayette.)