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Abney Announces Candidacy for Revenue Commissioner


Today the current Revenue Commissioner of Chambers County, Elizabeth “Beth” T. Abney formally announces her candidacy for the Office of Revenue Commission, which is a six-year term, and will appear on the Republican ballot in the March 3rd Primary.

In her announcement, Beth tells the LaFayette Sun,

“I went to work in the Revenue Commissioner’s Office as a Personal Property Appraiser for now retired Revenue Commissioner, Wendy Y. Williams. I studied and worked diligently to learn my position and had attained the designation of a Certified Personal Property Appraiser through the Alabama Department of Revenue’s educational system.

Since joining the Revenue Commissioner’s Office, I have never had a desire to work anywhere else. I have enjoyed my time in the Office, meeting with the public and being a public servant to all the citizens of Chambers County. I have no other political ambitions; this Office is where I feel I am best suited to serve the public and I ask the voters to give me that ability to serve them over the next six years.

A couple of the many responsibilities of my Office is the collection of, and, distribution of the tax revenue generated through property taxes. During the 2018-2019 tax year my Office collected just over $16 million and in the current year I anticipate approximately $16.4 million. I distribute these tax dollars to the numerous entities which we collect for, all according to the law. The State of Alabama Department of Public Examiners can come to my Office at any time to audit my Office.

In all the years I was employed by Wendy Williams, and now, as the Revenue Commissioner, and even dating back to the years this Office was under the direction of Mr. Bill Gilbert, which spans over 50 years, the accounting records of this Office have always balanced and have never been questioned. We have always served this office to the highest degree of fiduciary responsibility.

Finally, in closing, I want to let the citizens of Chambers County know that I believe I have worked very hard to serve everyone to the best of my ability. I hope you will go to the polls and cast your vote for me in the Republican Party Primary on March 3rd.

Thank you and may God bless you all”.