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Abney Wins Big, Tuberville, Sessions in Run-Off


By Gator Kincaid

On Tuesday, Chambers County along with the state of Alabama made their way to the polls. Residents voted in key elections nationally, statewide, and locally. County-wide, Republicans outvoted Democrats about 60% to about 40%. 4,241 Republican ballots were cast as opposed to 2,828 Democrat.

In the Revenue Commissioner’s race, Beth Abney defeated Shannon Frailey with 73.67% of the vote. In the school board race for District 4, Jay Siggers defeated Doug Thomas with 57% of the vote.

As for Amendment One, Chambers County voted against an amendment that would change the board from being elected by voters to being appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. 83% voted against Amendment One as opposed to 17% who voted in favor of.

Nationally, President Trump took 97% of the votes. In the Senate race, Tommy Tuberville took 49%, Jeff Sessions took 27% followed by Roy Moore with 10% and Bradley Byrne with just under 10% in Chambers County. Tuberville, the former Auburn football coach, and Sessions, former Alabama Senator, as well as Attorney General, will face off in a runoff on March 31st.

As for the election for Trump delegates to the national convention, Bo Coley won Chambers County with 54% of the vote; Joseph Fuller won with 64% of the vote; followed by Diana Ridly with 17%.

As for state judge races, Beth Kellum won 51% of the Chambers County vote (she will likely be in a runoff state-wide); Mary Windom won with 56%; Greg Shaw won with 59%.