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Alabama The Beautiful Is Misnomer


Dear Editor

I appreciate the letter (01/31/2018) from Sheriff Sid Lockhart regarding the inmates and litter details. I am aware the inmates do a lot of community service as Sheriff Lockhart pointed out and they are very much appreciated. I am also aware that these highways are state and federal highways but it appears inmates are the counties ONLY resource to perform this task.

Why you ask, because the State/Federal DOES NOT CARE. If the state sent a crew out there would be 50 men standing on the side of the road trying to decide who would do it. I know residents in Lee County have experienced an increase of litter on highway 431 and interstate 85 is embarrassing for the state the amount of trash along the road.

The welcome sign entering Alabama use to say “ Alabama the Beautiful” well it’s not! EVERY citizen should take pride in our county and not discard trash along the highways. Again, I state, I am aware these are state and federal highways but was only trying to find resources for the embarrassing appearance of the county.

Randy Talley
LaFayette Alabama