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All men are created equal

All men are created equal


By Bill Frazer

There is a nightly ad on TV picturing different talents of people that stimulated some thoughts, mostly of envy which I admit. Some of these performers spin like a top while standing on their heads, others do a flip in the air over the top of a crowd of people and another puts his legs behind his head. Obviously, these gifted people have more talents than 99.9% of the rest of us. The Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal.” In reading the Declaration of Independence, I realize that Thomas Jefferson was referring to the quality of life, specifically “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

A woman’s view of equality.

It is obvious to me that all of mankind are not created equal. If all of GOD’s people are created equal, I sure got left out. Some of us are blessed with abilities and talents such as intellect, creativity, athleticism, leadership, and personalities that are superior to the average individual.
How many of us can throw the football like Tom Brady? How many of us can teach Nuclear Physics at MIT? Or maybe you think that you could do brain surgery! (But I am sure that all of us are capable of performances that would equate us with the Hollywood Stars.) It is obvious that GOD created man with different abilities and talents.

He is equal to two of us.

It seems in today’s society there is a tendency to try to equalize everyone. But that is impossible as every individual is different. The equalization movement is especially noticeable in some of our educational institutions. To lower the curricular standards in order to allow the slow learner to keep pace is detrimental not only to the more advanced student but to the slow learner as well.

It appears that most of the inhabitants of this great nation do not want people to suffer when there is help available. However, the consensus of opinion is that our citizens should use their talents to acquire their needs. A favorite quote of the actor Andy Griffith on the Matlock TV series was, “Ain’t nothing easy!”

Michael Ward view of equality.

Equality fades somewhat in the senior years of life. It seems that one in later years has less interest in things that one strives for in earlier years. For an example, the older crowd cares less about whether your transportation is a Rolls Royce or a used GMC. The most important feature of the family car is whether it is low enough to the ground to allow easy access. It is wonderful to have a large home with 4 bedrooms upstairs. However, I wish that I would have acquired a home with everything on one floor, including not having to negotiate steps to enter and exit. In contrast to today’s young adults, most of the senior generation are comfortable if they have the basics of existence such as food, lodging, medical care and basic necessities.

It is a fact of life that some us feel that we were left out when it comes to equality. As stated, there is no equality in talent and we have to adjust. However, this is no justification for not helping those in distress regardless of the cause because we ARE equal in our worth before God and our worth through His saving grace provided through Jesus Christ.