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Ambulance, car crash in downtown LaFayette


Emergency lights lit up
the streets Monday night
around 6:30pm after a
Southern Transport Am-
bulance out of Wedowee
Alabama hit a pedestrian
car at the intersection of
2nd Av SE and LaFayette
St (431).
A store clerk at the Pace
Car gas station said she
heard the wreck happen
and ran outside. The clerk
said she could hear a small
child crying. She said she
was running over to help
but the LaFayette Fire Dept
and EMT’s were already on
the scene. The clerk said
the ambulance involved in
the accident had no light or
sirens on.
Local officials say they
transported three individu-
als to East Alabama Hospi-
tal with no life threatening
According to Southern
Transport, the Ambulance
was transporting a patient
to EAMC. The ambulance
driver sustained injuries and
was having tests run. No
news was given on the indi-
vidual being transported.
Dominique Story, of La-
Fayette, drove the pedestri-
an car. According to Story,
she was driving on 2nd Ave
SE crossing 431. Story said,
“I had a green light and the
ambulance driver just ran
the light and hit us.”
Story said she had a
friend and her 4-year old
son in the car with her. The
four year old was in a car