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America in Transition – Humor by Bill Frazer

While using the copier in the office of Piedmont Appraisers, I noticed that the instructions were printed not only in English on the cover but in another language (probably Korean) as well. Seeing a foreign language on an instrument made outside of the U.S. should not surprise us. All of us who make calls to any nationwide company go through the routine of press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.

I checked to see how many states grant driver’s licenses to residents that do not speak or read English. Posted online is a listing of 40 states that grant licenses to non-English speaking residents, provided that they learn to read the road signs in English.

This week I had the occasion to visit the high volume sawmill in LaFayette. I could not help but notice that a high percentage of the employees carrying out the operation of the sawmill were of Latin descent. Last fall I visited my daughter in Nashville and went with her to check on construction of a subdivision that she is managing. Not only was the major labor force Hispanic, but the major contractors as well. In the years past, it only seemed that the workers were of Hispanic descent.

Whether laborers or skilled workers, the employees’ force at the Solar Farm now under construction in LaFayette relies on a large number of immigrants. As to their citizenship, I have no idea.

For us old timers, the impact that the KIA Manufacturing plant located in West Point has had on the area surrounding the plant is almost unbelievable. Since the plant opened 5 years ago, KIA has manufactured over 1 million automobiles and employed 3,000 workers. There are now 12 automotive suppliers located in Chambers County, employing 1,538 workers.

I spent a year in South Korea serving in the Air Force in 1953. After viewing the Korean economy first hand, it is hard for me to believe what an economic force this nation has become in America.

I feel that part of the qualifications for citizenship should require that applicants read and speak English with a degree of proficiency. Without a common language, there is a further division between the early American immigrants versus the new arrivals.

Of course, right now, the immigration issue is a national concern. How we solve this national issue is probably beyond anybody’s scope. As always, there are two sides to the issue and both have some credence.

What really concerns me the most is the almost 20 trillion deficit by America that keeps accumulating. Even if we balance the budget, we will have to go through a great deal of sacrifice (of which the populace is probably not willing to do) in order to pay off the debt.