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Arctic blast impacts area


By Alton Mitchell

The present winter season has been one that has differed from those seen in previous years. Events such as an early December snowfall were a beacon of things to come as now an arctic air mass has settled over the deep south and placed the region in a deep freeze which is being felt in LaFayette.

The air mass that has settled over LaFayette and Chambers County is one that will keep overnight lows in the teens and twenties until at least early next week. Despite abundant sunshine dominating the upcoming forecast daytime highs will not make it out of the 30’s and low 40’s during the same period.

On Monday of next week temperatures are expected to rise into the 50’s across LaFayette and bring in the area’s next chance of rain. However, forecasters anticipate that behind the next weather system temperatures will drop again by the middle part of next week with high temperatures in the middle 40’s and overnight lows in the 30’s.

Old man winter may keep the area in this cold pattern for at least the next couple of months. The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th at 11:15 a.m. LaFayette time. As the Spring Equinox occurs so does the first day of spring in the area.

Caution is also urged for animals and plants that are sensitive to weather. As the freezing temperatures remain in the area pets and plants should be brought indoors. Protecting your home is also key. Older homes in the area may have above ground pipes which can freeze in the colder temperatures and burst. Leaving a faucet dripping can prevent the pipes from bursting in colder weather.

Keeping yourself warm is also important as well as checking on those who do not have adequate means of warming their homes. The cold temperatures can have a deadly outcome when individuals are exposed to the elements. On last week a homeless man was found dead after freezing to death in Columbus, Georgia as cooler temperatures settled into the area.

The slight warm up comes next week, but with the way this winter has been shaping up it appears this winter will be a roller coaster of up and down temperatures.