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ATM robbers hit second Alabama store


By Alton Mitchell

The smash and grab burglary at the Givorn’s Food store in Valley in November is still on the minds of many residents in Chambers County. The theft that destroyed the front of the local grocer remains unsolved and netted only an ATM from the business. A business in a neighboring county was the target of a similar style burglary last weekend and police continue to search for a suspect in that case.

Police in Phenix City are investigating an early morning burglary last Sunday morning at Kahn’s Lucky Store on 10th Avenue in Phenix City. In the early morning hours of February 18th an individual crashed a vehicle into the front of the neighborhood convenience store and made off with an ATM machine.
During the theft the business sustained heavy damage that included destruction of the front doors and windows of the building as well as the destruction of several pieces of the cinderblock wall at the store.

Despite the massive structural damage, the building sustained employees at the store are certain they will get the last laugh. They suspect the person or persons responsible for the theft were not from the south Phenix City neighborhood the store is located in. This is because employees say the ATM was empty and has not worked in some time, most residents in the neighborhood knew this about the device.

Phenix City Police continue to investigate the theft, and law enforcement has not made any mention if there is any connection between the Givorn’s case and the Phenix City case. The suspects in the Givron’s case used a vehicle stolen from a north Atlanta suburb in their theft. There has been no official mention of the type of vehicle used in the Phenix City theft. Both cases remain open.