Home News Auburn airport to get improvements valued at $10 million

Auburn airport to get improvements valued at $10 million


Auburn airport to
get improvements
valued at $10 million
A new $4.3 million
taxiway is coming to the
Auburn University Re-
gional Airport.
Airport director Wil-
liam Hutto told said that
the new runway, which
is expected to be com-
pleted in roughly six
months, will be capable of
handling 75,000 pounds
(34019.4 kilograms).
The existing taxiway
is too close to the runway
and is not able to handle
the weight of some air-
craft at the airport.
“We’ve got to move
that taxiway further away
from the runway” for the
airport to meet the Federal
Aviation Administration
safety standards, Hutto
Hutto said the taxi-
way project is 90 percent
funded by the Federal
Aviation Administration.
The state is funding 5
percent, while the remain-
ing 5 percent is consistent
of equal contributions
from the airport’s three
local partners.
The old terminal build-
ing was built in 1950. It’s
a one-story facility with an
upper deck on the second
Hutto said the walls and
the roof of the building
In time, the building
had become too small for
the Auburn University
Aviation Center’s needs.
“Anybody that has
ever changed houses after
living there a while knows
that it’s difficult (because)
you find stuff and things
accumulate over the
years,” Hutto said.
Students will be work-
ing from portable office
trailers throughout the fall
semester until the con-
struction of the anticipated
Delta Air Lines Aviation
Education building.
The project is valued at
$10 million.