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AWESOME turnout for LaFayette Day

AWESOME turnout for LaFayette Day

Story By Alton Mitchell
Photos by Alton Chambers.

Thousands turned out on the Courthouse Square in downtown LaFayette on Saturday for the 20th annual LaFayette Day for Valley Haven School. The turnout was one that pleased local officials and the wide array of events kept event goers happy and entertained.
LaFayette Day has become an iconic event in the LaFayette and Chambers County community. Saturday’s turnout was one that proved just how popular the event has become. Mayor Moody as well as several local officials were on site at the event bright and early and were extremely pleased with the turnout as they cited the extremely large number of attendees this year.

LaFayette Day kicked off at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, but crews and officials were busy setting up and making final preparations well before dawn. Mayor Moody arrived at the preparation events at 6:30 a.m. The Mayor seemed very pleased with the unique blend of the efforts that have gone into planning of this year’s LaFayette Day as well as the compliment of downtown’s streetscape project and how well it blended into the events.

The Mayors positive observation on Saturday’s LaFayette Day was mimicked by local attendees who enjoyed a classic car show that line two streets in downtown LaFayette. As well as loud music from several local bands including LaFayette city councilman Matthew Hurst who took to the stage and performed some of his hits as well.

The music was complimented as residents got out of their chairs and danced the day away in the shadows of the Chambers County Courthouse. Food turned out to be the highlight of the event as attendees had several varieties of food to choose from ranging from grilled bbq to chicken wraps which seemed to be the most popular food offering at the event.

Local artist and merchants also took to the streets as they sold their custom made artworks or other crafts. Parents were able to enjoy the festivities as kid zone was on site that allowed children an opportunity to enjoy bouncing houses, games, and even square off in a jousting arena along Alabama Avenue.

The true spirit of LaFayette Day having grown from just a local in town event to a county wide recognized event was evident with the fireman games that occurred near Farmers Merchant Bank. Several volunteer fire companies from around the county participated in several events to highlight the levels of training and experience that each fire department holds.

Security was also a highlight this year. Following a disruption by some youth at last year’s event, LaFayette police were in force at the event watching the crowd and looking for possible troublemakers. No incidents were reported at this year’s LaFayette Day aside from a woman who was transported by ambulance following an illness on Saturday afternoon. Much of the efforts by police through the celebration was highlighted with handshakes and smiles to members of the community.

Those who attended would certainly remember the 20th annual LaFayette Day for the record books not just in the high number of persons who attended, but also in the memorable experiences and fun that filled the heart of LaFayette with joy, laughter, and love while bringing recognition to the Valley Haven School.