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Back in Time: the Burton House


The LaFayette Sun is
looking back on the rich
history of our small town
and the first landmark
we looked at was a home
built by Thomas Pierce
Burton around 1880.
The black and white
photo shows the Burton
family: In front of the
porch is Thomas Pierce
Burton, who died of
typhoid fever; on the
porch from left to right is
Gertrude (Gertie) Burton,
who later married Rea
Schuessler; and Hettie
Flint Burton, wife of
Thomas Pierce Burton.
The boy tending the
cows is unidentified.
Ann and Bill Callahan
purchased the home
in 1987 after they got
married and still own the
home today.
The home has stood
for more than 139 years
in LaFayette. That is the
equivalent to 35 president
terms. This home
was built around the
same time Mark Twain
wrote the Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn.
Thanks is given to
Leonard L Burton for the
photo and details.