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Bankrupt cemetery leaves customers hanging


Chambers County residents who’s loved ones are buried at Resthaven Memorial Gardens in Lanett, Alabama say the place is falling apart.

They say the mausoleum roof is cracking, crypts are leaking, and, since the place went bankrupt, there’s no one to provide answers and no peace for the families of those buried.

“There’s cracks in the concrete, there’s leakage from the roof, and in some places, its sunken in. And, we can’t get anyone to respond to do anything about it,” said Cynthia Walker, who has three family members buried at Resthaven.

“I can’t afford to move them. I have three relatives out here and I am on a fixed income. But, I can’t afford to sit back and watch the place cave on them either,” said Walker.

She even bought a spot next to her mother.

But, when the cemetery company went bankrupt, she lost thousands of dollars.

Telephone numbers are posted on the mausoleum and funeral home doors but no one is answering.
“We haven’t gotten respect from anybody over this and they aren’t even listed in the phone book anymore,” said Linda Manley, who is also frustrated with the conditions of Resthaven.

Manley’s husband pre-arranged his funeral here. Now, all that money is lost, too.

“I feel like they committed fraud. They take their money, they ran off with records. And, even though he had the papers to pay for his funeral, he lost all that. And, to me, that’s fraud,” said Manley.