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Banned Video Creates Outpouring Of Support


Some days I fear that
political correctness is
driving this country over
a cliff.
For instance, I viewed
the video of Lake City,
Mi. football players and
students participating in
a prayer circle of behalf
of the football coach’s
4-year-old daughter
who is in a downstate
hospital fighting for her
life. I thought this was
an incredible outpouring
of support from a small
community. I was nearly
brought to tears.
Later I learned that
an obscure group called
Michigan Association
of Civil Rights Activists
threatened suit against
Lake City Schools if they
didn’t take the video off
Facebook. They said the
video promoted a reli-
gious prayer service on
school property (the foot-
ball field) thus violated
the separation of church
and state.
“The bottom line is
it’s the property of the
school and the school has
a responsibility to treat it
just like any other school
property, and that means it
has to remain free of reli-
gion,” claimed the group’s
co-founder, Mitch Kahle.
Lake City Schools, in
fear that they might be
in for a long, protracted
lawsuit that could drain
the school of thousands of
dollars, on the advice of
their attorney, decided to
take the video down.
I suppose I understand
the school’s logic, but I
can’t help but think, at
some point, some orga-
nization is going to have
to stand up and challenge
these bullies that always
invoke the separation of
church and state, when
innocent folk are simply
trying to promote the bet-
ter good of a community.
We should be proud of
the Lake City community
for taking action in an
effort to help their coach’s
daughter, Harper. I’m
sure it means a lot to the
family that harperstrong
was created and shown
with wild support on that
football field.
I would be ashamed if
I were a member of the
civil rights group that
threatened lawsuit. No
one, from my understand-
ing, was coerced to join
this family circle. It was
strictly voluntarily partici-
pation. It was simply an
outpouring of support for
one of the community’s
In a twist of irony,
however, the attention
garnered from the forced
removal of the video,
has greatly increased the
donation dollars that are
coming in to the harper-
strong movement.
“It’s not going to stop
us, it’s only going to make
us move forward and work
harder for the support the
family deserves,” said the
movement’s spokesperson
Elizabeth Kramer.
Indeed the support is
contagious. A couple of
schools have replicated the
banner that is on the Lake
City football helmets- a
simple #harperstrong.
I’m also beginning to
notice the banned video
on individuals’ Facebook
Does this mean the
heavy handed tactics of
the civil rights or
tion may have backfired?
By gosh, it seems so.
Harperstrong, Lake City
and those belonging to the
movement report incredi-
ble support for their efforts
including the family circle.
I was so upset when
I learned the video was
forced to come down. It
was such a heartwarming
event. But now I’m elated,
that that video, in its
banned state has become
even more powerful and
is helping a young child in
her fight to stay alive.