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Baseball Park Grant Sought


The City of LaFayette held a public hearing on Thursday in order to get community input on proposed renovations to the LaFayette recreational baseball fields. The public hearing comes on the heels of a decision by the LaFayette City Council to seek grant funds to make improvements to the fields at the most recent council meeting.

At that council meeting, Police Chief Kenny Vines brought the grant application to the council’s attention, noted that the city is eligible to apply for it now that a recreation board is active again. Vines said he would like the land and water conservation grant to be used to upgrade the recreational baseball fields. The total amount could be as much as $100,000 and would require a 50 percent in-kind match by the city. Councilman Allen Tucker, who had worked with Vines on the grant, said that city capabilities such as light and power services could be used to match the grant.

Vines has said the initial plan if the funds are attained is turn the Dixie Youth field around and build a central press box in the center of all three fields. He also noted that fencing would be replaced, bathrooms would be replaced and new lights would be installed. Vines also says that he hopes, over time, to be able to renovate each field at the facility, but noted the community would be critical in making these improvements. “We really need people to get involved and help out with this,” he says. “We’re going to need volunteers and we want the community’s input.”

The community meeting, at which over 100 signatures supporting the move were obtained, was one of the first steps in submitting pre-application. The city sent the pre-application to the state on Friday.