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Better days are ahead, I promise


Forgive me if I appear
to be preaching, but I’ve
got to get something off
my chest.
My spouse, my child,
my friends have heard
me say a thousand times-
“life is a series of ups and
downs, and those that
can role with the punches
will be happy and well-
I’m living proof. I
have been on top of the
world. I’ve had the finest
vehicles and the expen-
sive houses. And I’ve lost
it all, and had to dig and
scratch for every penny I
needed to find food and
Twelve years ago I
was living in Florida in a
house with no working air
or heat. I peddled water
softener fliers door to door
in subdivisions to earn
enough money to live.
When I moved to Michi-
gan I sold mattresses out
of a warehouse that’s only
heat source was a torpedo
Many in my position
would have “crashed and
burned.” Many would
have turned to alcohol or
drugs. Somehow, the man
upstairs, despite my dire
existence, always seemed
to keep in smile on my
face, and love in my heart.
I didn’t complain about
my problems. I immersed
myself in hard work and faith, knowing that some
day I would turn things
And I did. I give a lot
of credit to almighty God.
I give more credit to my
friends and family. But
really my dogged faith in
myself and my insistence
that I will never quit try-
ing gave me the fortitude I
needed to get through that
“down” period in my life.
It wasn’t always like
that. I admittedly was a
quitter in my early stages
of adulthood. Heck it was
the easy way out. I quit on
relationships figuring be

ing alone was better than
bickering with a signifi

cant other. I quit college
football because I couldn’t
see myself sitting on the
bench while other recruits
in my class were getting
playing time.
As I matured however,
I learned that taking the
easy way, was not the best
way. I learned that “stay-
ing the course” offered
greater emotional stability
and made life so much
easier. Early on I lacked
faith in myself, and in a
higher being. That new
found faith, however, has
driven me to great happi-
ness and success. I now
live life with a worry-free
attitude, knowing that I
have experienced ever
“up and down” practically
possible.I say this because I
know you can too. Stop
worrying about the things
you can’t change. Stop
lamenting the situation
you currently may be in. I
promise you, life will get
better- it always does. We
(you)simply have to get
through the difficult times
and the best way to do
that is to have faith that
better times are around
the corner.
The bad times taught
me that I could be happy
no matter what my situa-
tion. They taught me that
if you have faith in
yourself and the fortitude
to outlast any situation,
you will be rewarded with
better days.
Again, I apologize for
preaching, but I have seen
too many good people
succumb to the comforts
of alcohol and drugs. I
have seen so many friends
be denied happiness
because of stress and de-
pression. It doesn’t have
to be that way. Just have
faith and know that better
days are ahead.