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Blasingame, Ennis in runoff for vacant council seat


LaFayette residents will
have to wait another thirty
days before the empty
seat on the LaFayette City
Council District B will be
The unofficial results
from last Tuesday’s elec-
tion in District B were
Charlotte Blasingame ob-
taining 66 votes and former
LaFayette Mayor and City
Councilman David Ennis
getting 40 votes. Shannon
Hunter received 36 votes.
“It was a good clean
race,” remarked Blasin-
game after the results were
read. And there was also
a remarkable turn out of
voters. A total of 141 voters
came out to cast their bal-
lot. That is more than one-
third of the 354 registered
voters in the district.
LaFayette City Man-
ager Louis Davidson said
“If the results remain as
announced, it would trig-
ger a runoff on March 26
between Blasingame and
Ennis, but there could be
some votes that have not
been counted.
After the results were
read Hunter’s response
was “I wanted to win or
lose so I didn’t have to go
through a runoff,” he said.
“I got into this originally,
so I could give people a
choice, and they made their
Blasingame said “I’m
grateful for the votes that
I got, and I’m looking for-
ward to doing it again.” She
also remarked, “If there is a
runoff, I’d like to encour-
age all those same voters to
come out once again.”
The City Council seat
has been vacant since June
25th when City Councilman
Mathew Hurst resigned to
take a job in another city.