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Boat ramp re-do nears completion


By Alton Mitchell

A partnership between the Chambers County Government and city governments in Lanett and Valley are moving along on various projects that are now getting closer to completion and will revamp and revitalize areas of the Chambers County cities.

According to Josh Harvill, the Chambers County Highway Department is about 95% complete with work at the Shawmut Airport boat ramps. The County and city have been working in a partnership to revitalize and improve the boat ramps to the Chattahoochee River at the popular Valley area recreation area.

In addition, improvements and upgrades are also being made that the Langdale boat ramps. The project at Langdale started on last Tuesday and are moving forward. County crews are now waiting for the contractor to finish the next step of their end of the project before county crews can move forward on their part of the improvement project.

The city of Lanett is also in a partnership with the Chambers County Commission and highway department on a project now in the works in downtown Lanett. Crews are working with an outside contractor to make improvements to the downtown area of Lanett. The project will transform the appearance of Lanett, much as the streetscape projects have improved downtown LaFayette.

The projects that are in the works in Lanett are taking a little more time as crews are being mindful of businesses in the area and their need to survive. Crews are working the revitalization project in phases and start on the next phase as one is completed. As of right now a stretch of sidewalk is being torn up and new concrete and curb work will be completed before crews move on to the next section.

There is no official completion date for the project, but a member of the Chambers County Commission states the Lanett Mayor McCoy believes all phases of the project may be complete by June.

On Monday evening, the Chambers County Commission also approved a bid for the purchase of three new pickup trucks. The three new trucks will be used by commission office and two trucks will go the Chambers County Highway Department. Three bids were received for the trucks and commission members voted to go with the lowest of the bids