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BOC wants residents to receive APB broadcast


By Alton Mitchell

Chambers County residents are thirsty for news from the state capitol that impacts their daily lives and commissioners in Chambers County can understand that thirst for news and will take action as the Alabama State Legislature meets to assist residents in gaining programing from central Alabama.

At Monday evenings Chambers County Commission meeting, County Attorney Skip McCoy announced that as the legislature meets in Montgomery a resolution will be introduced from the Commission to obtain state programming from Alabama Public Broadcasting to be broadcast in Chambers County homes. A similar resolution will also be submitted requesting that Chambers County residents have access to view WSFA news from Montgomery locally.

Attorney McCoy explained to commissioners that previously WSFA was being broadcast on both cable providers in Chambers County, but on December 28th WSFA was no longer available through one of the cable providers in Chambers County and could possibly be lost shortly to the other cable provider in the county. The outage also resulted in residents of Lee and Randolph County’s losing access to the Montgomery area NBC affiliate station.

As of now Chambers County receives local news coverage from affiliate stations in Columbus, Georgia. Some residents feel that news that impacts Alabama may not be properly produced through out of state media sources and hope to be able to obtain WSFA broadcasting back in the city soon. The access to Alabama Public Broadcasting is also sought as a way to know what is going on with state level government at all times to residents.

The WSFA outage in Chambers County does not impact satellite providers to the County such as Directv. However, some residents have expressed concerns with Directv having an ongoing outage with WXTX, the Fox affiliate from Columbus has not been displayed on Directv systems amid a contract dispute.