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Body found in Lanett creek, two arrested


A citizen in Lanett
made a shocking discov-
ery in a local waterway
on Friday afternoon as the
contents of Moores Creek
near the Alfred Lyons
Bridge revealed a body
laying the water under the
waterway. Police are now
hoping forensic experts
in Montgomery can help
them to identify the body.
According to Com-
mander Richard Casner of
the Lanett Police Depart-
ment, Lanett officers
received a call at 1:54 p.m.
on Friday afternoon from
a concerned citizen about
what they suspect was a
body in the water under
the Alfred Lyons Bridge
along Magnolia Road in
the West Shawmut area of
Lanett Police responded
to the scene and confirmed
there was indeed a body
in the water. Lanett Fire
and Rescue arrived and
removed the body from
the water. A representative
from the Chamber County
Coroner’s Office arrived
and pronounced the indi-
vidual as deceased.
Casner says the body
has been in the water for
some time and officers
could not identify the
person. The decomposi-
tion on the body was so
severe that police are un-
able to determine a race of
gender of the person found
in the creek. The body is
being sent to the Alabama
Department of Forensic
Science in Montgomery
for an autopsy.
Casner is hopeful that
agency will help them to
get better details on the
identity of the person who
was found in the water.
Police have not confirmed
if foul play was a factor
in the death of the person.
Police are expected to
release more details when
the Alabama Department
of Forensic Sciences com-
pletes their post mortem