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Bogging Event May or May Not Go On As Scheduled


By Jody Stewart

Even with a National, State and City state of emergency in regards to the quickly spreading CoVid-19 Virus some establishments are still planning large public gatherings.

A Social Media post showed Lane Minor owner of Boggin’ on the Plains stating they would be open for business this Saturday and Sunday. While the establishment said they were taking precautions “closing the concession stand and cleaning the bathrooms regular” it would appear the nature of the event to be equivalent to the spring breakers on the beaches last week.

Lane and Ashley Minor requested people to not pile up in groups and be smart, but with Governor Ivey and local authorities pleading for people to just stay home and not gather in groups of 10 or more an event like this dose not seem smart at all.

The Sun reached out to Mayor Anders of Auburn who said, “Bogging on the Plains is actually located in Macon County, but even if were here in Auburn we do not have the authority to shut an event down. We basically are pleading with people to use common sense.”

The event is being advertised as open on the website offering a two day pass for ages 10 and up which includes camping, music entertainment and buggy riding.

The Sun reached out to Lane and Ashley Minor who initially hung up when we identified ourselves as The Sun but on second call back said the event would not take place. However, their website is saying they are open this weekend with registration going.