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Business owner hopes to build 100 foot tall cross


Russell Scott Willing

ham, owner of Scott’s
Towing in LaFayette Al.
has felt the need to build
a 100 foot tall cross off of
Interstate 85 north bound
between mile markers 73
and 74. He announced
his plans for the cross this
past weekend and believe
it or not has met some
objections to the idea.
Willingham who
believes this is a Christ
led cause said, “ If it is
the Lords will no man can
stop it.” Willingham be-
lieves the cross would be
a sign of hope for the lost
traveling down a hopeless
Willingham, who
has his own ministry,
is speaking out to those
addicted to drugs. He is a
recovering addict himself.
Willingham said “
I have fought my own
struggles and I am not
proud to admit some of
the things I have done,
but now I am a Soldier for
The Cross is expected
to cost $150,000. Will-
ingham is reaching out to
the Christian community
for help with the fundrais-
ing. He also is a Christian
speaker and welcomes any
invitations to share his
testimony on his addiction
and how the Lord rescued
him. For more info or to
make a donation call Scott
at 706-518-7743.