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C a math students compete at district competition


The Chambers Acad-
emy Math Team travelled
on Tuesday, January 15th
to compete in the AISA
District Math contest
hosted in Auburn.
Students in the 7th &
8th grade competed in the
Middle School Math com-
petition and students in
grades 9-12 competed in
the High School contest.
This annual competi-
tion is held each winter
amongst academic math
teams from each AISA
school. Seven schools
were represented in these
The High School teams
competed taking a 90 min-
ute mathematics examina-
tion with teams earning
points for the problems
answered correctly by their
top five contestants.
High School partici-
pants were only permitted
to utilize calculators al-
lowed for the ACT College
Entrance Tests. Middle
School participants also
competed taking a 90 min-
ute examination without
the access to a calculator.
Following the writ-
ten competition, teams
competed in the Ciphering
Contest with three minute
toss up problems projected
on the screen with indi-
vidual students attempting
to solve them for accuracy
as quickly as possible..
Pictured in the team
photo are CA’s Varsity
Math Team members: Mi-
kayla Martin, Tate Reese,
Mary Grayson Henderson,
Gracie Thornton, Shelly
Keebler, and Jake Wal-
drop. Also included were
Middle School Math Team
Members Abigail Brooks,
Kole Baker, Olivia Leav-
ens, Kirsten Osborne,
Keegen Janowiecki, and
Levi Hill.
Both Seniors Mikayla
Martin and Tate Reese tied
as CA’s top scorers in the
Math Team Competition
for the High School Team
and Keegen Janowiecki
led the Middle School
Team as the Rebels top