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CA Announces Science Fair Winners

CA 1st Place William Lashley Battery Life.
CA Science Fair Project Abigail Bonds.

The science instructors at Chambers Academy recently hosted the school’s annual science fair. In all, 106 students in the 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades submitted a science fair project. Graduate students from Auburn University volunteered to conduct the judging of this year’s projects. This year’s science fair was a huge success hosted on Wednesday, December 11th. The following students earned ribbons as award level entries in their categories:

Elementary Physical Science
1st- William Lashley – Which is a Better Battery? Lemon or Lime
2nd- Halle Hurst- AA Alkaline Batteries: Brand Name or Generic
3rd- Landon Hand- Which Bat Hits the furthest?

Elementary Biological Science
1st- Abigail Bonds- Which Places Has the Most Germs?
2nd- Ty Hendricks- Which Cereal Has the Most Iron?
3rd- Kent Nelson- Penny Wash

Middle School Physical Science
1st- Levi Hill- Electromagnetic Train
2nd- Kelsey Harmon- Why Do Apples Turn Brown
3rd- Allyson Noles – What Paper Towels Absorb More Wate

Middle School Biological Science
1st- Lexi Brown- Cook Me Tender
2nd- Abby Cain- Is a Horse’s Stride Length Affected by its Shoulder
3rd- Abi Brooks- Do Sugary Drinks Affect Plant Growth

High School Physical Science
1st- Zach Bylsma- Magnetic Induction
2nd- Mattie Reese- Wind Power
3rd- Cody Donner- Hydraulic Powered Robot Arm

High School Biological Science
1st- Audra Slay- Vaping
2nd- Joanne Landrum- Music vs. Personality
3rd- Rebecca Howard- Visual Memory vs. Auditory Memory

These school wide winners will advance to the district science fair competition in January. Thanks for sharing this with our local community!