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CA Senior Showcase


By Ashley Oliver

The LaFayette Sun continues to showcase senior Chambers Academy football players and cheerleaders in our latest edition.

Tori Harmon
Tori Harmon-  Tori is the daughter of Ashley and Dori Harmon. In addition to cheer Tori also plays basketball and softball for the Rebels. Her cheer stunting position is base and back spot.  Tori’s sister, Maci, is also on the cheer squad.  To get hyped up for games the sisters roll all the windows down in the car and turn the music up as loud as they can.  Tori looks forward to playing Springwood the most because there is always a good turnout and everyone is hyped up. Her favorite football game memories are cheering at Troy University for the state championship games the past two years. Tori enjoys watching movies In her free time and hanging out with friends and family.  One thing most people might not know about Tori is she attends Fright Fest every year at Six Flags.  Tori plans to attend college after graduation.

Blake Sheppard
Blake Sheppard-  Blake is the son of Stephen and Beth Sheppard.  Blake plays both Quarterback and Defensive Back for the CA Football team. In addition to football, Blake also plays basketball and baseball for the Rebels.  To get hyped up for games Blake says he listens to music and the team does a ritual “Hit em in the Mouth” that gets everyone fired up.  He looks forward to playing Springwood each year because “Nobody likes Springwood”.  Blake enjoys working with Coach NesSmith best.  When asked who the hardest working player on the team was he stated Matthew Keebler.  The toughest player would be Mitchell Lee.  To stay motivated during games Blake reminds himself that this is his last year and he plays each play as if it’s his last.  In his free time Blake enjoys hunting, fishing and having a good time.  He plans to attend Southern Union after graduation and transfer to Auburn later.

McKensie Barnes
McKensie Barnes- 
McKensie is the daughter of Ray and Lisa Barnes.  In addition to cheer McKensie also plays volleyball and Softball for the Rebels.  Her cheer stunt positions are flyer and base.  He favorite part of being a cheerleader is standing under the lights in front of a crowd and cheering on all her best friends on the field. McKensie states she will miss absolutely everything about cheerleading when she graduates.  To get hyped up for games she listens to music and stretches.  She enjoys playing Springwood the most each year because it’s always good competition.  McKensie loves going to the beach and hanging out with friends and family in her spare time.  One thing people might not know about her is she enjoys watching musical plays.  She plans to go to college and become an orthodontist after graduation.