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Can this be true?


Paul Richardson
By Paul Richardson

ABC News recently released a survey of the ten best jobs and the ten worse jobs in America. While I question the results, here is the official list, starting the 10 best.

10 -computer analyst
9 – physical therapist
8 – optometrist
7 – occupational therapist
6 – dental hygienist (Not me, with my fingers in somebody’s nasty mouth.)
5 – financial planner
4 – audiologist (Huh? No, I’m not sure either.)
3 – software engineer
2 – bio medical engineer (Wonder if you can study at home for this one?)
1 – actuary (Are they pulling my leg?)

If like me, you are left scratching your head on number one and wondering, what the heck is an Actuary, I looked it up. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially those of concern to insurance and pension programs while providing assessments of financial security systems. So la-de-dah, now we know. (How do they stand the on-the-job excitement everyday?)

Can these really be the best things going? What about astronaut, pharmacist, the leader of a rock band, or even a banker?

Well, maybe not an astronaut. He sits atop a ten ton supersonic cannon loaded with high explosives while waiting for someone to light the fuse and go bye-bye into the wild blue yonder. Maybe it’s okay, as long as everything goes according to plan, but what “if.”

These are suppose to be the best, so what about the ten worse? (prepare yourself for a shock.)
10 – flight attendant
9 – roofer
8 – mail carrier
7 – meter reader
6 – dairy farmer
5 – oil rig worker
4 – actor
3 – military
2 – lumberjack
1 – newspaper reporter

Wait a doggone minute here. I don’t understand. How can newspaper reporter be the absolute worse job in America? My job is fun. Every time they try to give me a raise, I politely decline. I’m tickled pink, so don’t upset my apple cart. (ABC News must a terrible place to work, a real cesspool.)

I am surprised that public school teacher did not make both lists. If I had life to live over, I might consider teaching. It has a lot of pros and cons.

But what about dog park pooper scooper, sewer worker, or trash collector?
Imagine sitting in a pub sipping a cool one when a sweetie pie slides onto next stool with a big ole grin and says “Hello handsome. My name is “Yes.” What do you do for a living?”

And you reply, “I drive a big, green garbage truck.”
Her fire is immediately doused and you crash and burn. So go ahead and order another round,
and sip it slowly. There will be no romance in your future tonight, big boy. But you might seriously consider night classes and study to be an Actuary.
(Actual news report from ABC Nightly News.)
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