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Cayden Treated Like a King at School, Basketball Game

Cayden Treated Like a King at School, Basketball Game

Cayden with his mom, dad and sister.
Cayden with the LaFayette High School undefeated Bulldogs.

by Pamela Holloway

February is National Heart Month. It’s the month to raise awareness about Heart Disease. Eastside Elementary School hosted a Wear Red Day in honor and recognition of a student at the school named Cayden Finley and others that are fighting heart diseases.

Cayden Elijah Finley is a heart warrior! He was born September 9, 2010. Cayden’s mom knew he would be born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome ( a half of heart) during her sixth month of pregnancy. Her team of doctors at UAB gave her three options. She chose life.

Cayden’s first open heart surgery took place when he was three days old. His second came shortly after three months. He has had a stroke, several minor surgeries, and heart catheterization while waiting on the last heart surgery called the Fontan.

Sometime between birth and his second surgery, Cayden lost too much oxygen and developed Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy has no win either. His mom always says, “who report will you believe, we trust God!”

He is currently a 3rd grade student at Eastside Elementary. He’s outgoing and loves his teachers and peers. He’s a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. His smile has the ability to melt hearts.

Cayden lives up to his name which means fighter! Cayden fight HLHS and Cerebral Palsy with every heart beat.

The support and raising awareness hasn’t stopped at Eastside. On Friday night The undefeated Bulldogs basketball team continued raising awareness for Cayden. The Bulldogs honored and recognized Cayden at the Sub- Regional basketball game. The gym was covered in Red Hearts and from wearing Red.

Cayden had the opportunity to be introduced with the Bulldogs startup line and was recognized and honored at the Bulldogs All -Team Tournament presentation.