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CCDA branding spreads throughout County


It’s been over three
and a half years since the
Chambers County Devel-
opment Authority (CCDA),
in partnership with the
Chambers County Com-
mission, Greater Valley
Area Chamber of Com-
merce (GVACC), and Pow-
erSouth Electric, embarked
on an ambitious County-
wide Branding Campaign
that sought to unify the
community and increase
visibility. The plan first
took shape in November
of 2014 and was formally
unveiled to the public in
March of 2015. Since that
time, the campaign has
seen astonishing buy-in and
has reached to all corners
of Chambers County.
Alabama community
marketing firm Red Sage
Communications helped
guide the creation of the
brand, which includes
a logo and tagline that
represents the county. The
dynamic logo features
a gray and red pattern
woven within the borders
of Chambers County. It
captures the resiliency of
our community in over-
coming every challenge
we face with the tagline,
“Strength Woven In,” while
also symbolically weav-
ing together three cities,
three towns and one county
From the beginning, the
creation and incorporation
of the brand has been a
story of partnerships, perse-
verance, and hard work.
The process began in
2015 with two focus groups
that included residents,
local officials, community
representatives and busi-
ness leaders whose goal
was to gather core quali

ties citizens associate with
Chambers County. These
core strengths were honed
into a clear, cohesive, com-
prehensive brand with the
help of a six-person steer-
ing committee. After exten-
sive feedback, discussions
and revisions spanning 15
weeks, the final tagline and
logo were determined by
online survey.
With the brand estab-
lished, an implementation
plan was formulated, in
which entities throughout
the county would begin
incorporating the brand
into daily life. The first step
was to generate supporting
logos for the initial entities
involved in the campaign.
The CCDA worked hand
in hand with the GVACC,
County Commission, Cities
of LaFayette, Lanett, and
Valley, Towns of Cusseta
and Waverly, the Chambers
County and Lanett School
Systems, the Chambers
County Library, Huguley
Water, Sewer, and Fire
District, and East Alabama
Water, Sewer and Fire Dis-
trict to generate 13 support-
ing logos to be used during
implementation with each
were the first to begin
implementation, includ-
ing incorporation into all
media and marketing tools,
as well as signage and
publication materials. So
successful was this process
that in 2015, the Cham-
bers County brand won
the “Best in Class” award
for small communities at
the Southern Economic
Development Council an-
nual meeting in Savannah,
With implementation
complete for the driving
entities, the CCDA began
working with municipali-
ties, starting with LaFay-
ette in 2016. This process
included all new logos for
each department and transi-
tioning all printed materi-
als and signage to the new
brand. That same year, the
library, school systems, and
utility districts had begun
the implementation process
as well.
In 2017, the county
offices began the com

prehensive process of
implementing the brand
into their operations. As
the largest entity involved,
implementation for the
county has been a complex
process, encompassing
numerous departments and
facilities. And while a large
undertaking, the results
have been impressive,
including a total rebrand of
courthouse facilities and in-
clusion of the brand on all
printed materials, vehicles,
and other correspondence.
So far in 2018, the
brand continues to spread
throughout the community,
including the recent addi-
tions of pole banners fea-
turing the brand in all three
cities. The CCDA has also
continued to work with the
municipalities in imple-
menting the brand through-
out their departments,
facilities, and throughout
everyday life.
In addition to imple-
menting the brand locally,
the CCDA has constantly
worked on getting the
brand out through media
advertising, visiting local
civic clubs, promoting the
hashtag #chambersstrong
on social media, and incor-
porate branding activities
and events to continue
highlighting the stories of
strength that are abundant
in Chambers County.
The brand has become
a common sight in our
community, often on shirts,
Christmas tree decor, pens,
car decals, business cards,
thank you notes, utility
bills, door lettering, and
The success of the initia-
tive has been resounding,
but the CCDA is not done
yet. Plans are to continue
pushing forward with the
new brand by getting the
remaining municipalities
completed, to work with
the private schools in
the area to participate in
this process, to update all
remaining websites, to
work with Point University
on brand recognition, to
implement a full county-
wide marketing plan for the
brand, and to work on mar-
keting the brand beyond
Chambers County.
Fittingly, the success and
growth of the brand is yet
another story of strength in
Chambers County