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CCDA grant program helps small businesses


The Chambers County Development Authority is already making an impact with a new program aimed at helping local small business owners. The Small Business Grant Program promotes economic development, business expansion and job creation by providing financial assistance to locally owned small businesses in Chambers County. The grant was conceived by the CCDA Board and staff, and made possible by their corporate sponsors, and is intended to allow small business owners to use the funds to help increase revenue generation and job creation.

To date, three businesses have benefited from the program, including two right here in LaFayette. Industrial Services Group and Donald H. Busby, DMD, PC, both of LaFayette and Hayes Hardware in Valley have each been approved funding through the grant program. Each will use the grant funds for projects to enhance appearance and revenue generation to their businesses.

“We know how difficult it is for small business owners to do business in this economy,” Kimberly Fuller of the CCDA said. “Therefore, we wanted to promote a program to help support valued small businesses. To date we have had three businesses apply and be approved for the program and the momentum continues to build.”

Eligible projects include those related to industry, commerce, distribution, property enhancement or research activities. Retail projects can also apply for these grants.

Allowable costs and uses from the grants include:

• Land or building purchase, if the project involves an existing building.

• Building construction, renovations or additions.

• Machinery and equipment purchases.

• Long-term lease improvements, if businesses owner currently owns the building.

• Improvements to interior and exterior of a facility, including landscaping, energy efficiency improvements, improvements to parking lots, etc.

“I want a success story,” Fuller added. “I want to be able to ride down the road and know that our sponsors and office had a part in making something happen!”

For more information on the program contact Kimberly Fuller at the Chambers County Development Authority at 334-642-1460.