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CCDA prepares to launch new campaign


2018 has been a strong
year for Chambers Coun-
ty and the Chambers
County Development
Authority. With the final
months upon us, we want
to take a look back at our
recent successes, as well
as take a look at what’s
ahead for our organiza-
tion and county.
Job creation is para-
mount at the CCDA,
and that’s why we put
so much effort into
recruitment of industrial,
commercial and retail
developments. Just as
important is the retention
of jobs in our community,
which is why we work
tirelessly every day to
meet the needs of our
existing companies, in
order to keep them here
and make them success-
ful. For us to be effective
in these endeavors, we
have to keep an eye on
the future, understanding
not just where we’re go-
ing, but how we got here.
So, when you see our
successes, you see trends,
we’ve learned from the
past by diversifying,
we’ve capitalized on the
present with the recruit-
ment of John Soules
Foods and expansion of
WestRock, and we’re
planning for the future by
investing in our commu-
nity and its quality of life.
Top 5 Recent Suc-
In late 2017,
John Soules Foods an-
nounced it would open
a 266,000 square foot
facility in Valley. Dur-
ing an initial phase of
expansion, the company
committed to hiring 210
employees and investing
$70 million. The com-
pany also committed to
hiring an additional 300
employees, while invest-
ing another $40 million
over time. John Soules
is the nation’s leading
formulator, manufacturer
and marketer of ready-
to-cook and fully-cooked
beef and chicken prod-
ucts, so its commitment
to Chambers County will
bring economic opportu-
nities for years to come.
has been a main driver in
rebuilding our communi-
ty’s economic base after
the textile mills declined.
We’re working to blaze
a new path for diversity
and long-term stability
and have seen more than
28 industry expansions
the last five years. Here’s
a breakdown by the
2018 – $56,320,881
in Capital Investments,
9 jobs
2017 – $21,829,721 in
Capital Investments, 85
2016 – $19,608,373 in
Capital Investments, 31
2015 – $55,351,907 in
Capital Investments, 143
2014 – $21,796,000 in
Capital Investments, 43
Other exciting devel-
opments include Norbord
Alabama reopening,
which has created 140
new jobs, and various
mill demolition and
redevelopment plans (in-
cluding Lanett, Fairfax,
Langdale, Riverview and
Carter Lanier).
– The CCDA
partnered with Red Sage
Communications, Inc. to
create an award-winning
community branding
campaign. After devel-
oping a new logo and the
Strength Woven In
line, the CCDA worked
closely with community
partners to promote the
adoption of the brand
across 14 local organiza-
tions including cities, the
Chamber of Commerce,
and even local schools.
Awards for the campaign
include both Associa-
tion of County Com-
missioners of Alabama
Awards and International
Economic Development
Council Awards in 2018.
– Earlier this
year, the CCDA an-
nounced good news for
both the cities of Lanett
and Valley, involving a
major industry expansion
and distribution center.
WestRock Co. planned
to expand its paper and
packaging operation, in
a move that would add
about 50 jobs. In addi-
tion, Scannell Properties
committed to developing
a 375,000 square foot
distribution center on 30
acres, less than two miles
from WestRock’s facil-
ity. The center, which
would also create jobs,
was planned for Valley
Industrial Park to sup-
port WestRock’s plant.
Both projects represent
continued diversification
of Chambers County’s in-
dustrial base and CCDA’s
objective of increasing

Chambers County once
had one of Alabama’s
highest unemployment
rates. It now has one of
the lowest, along with
increased diversity of
employment prospects
and better-paying jobs
for our residents. The
CCDA has also worked
hard to support educa-
tion, coordinating with
stakeholders to develop
a long-range plan, and
promoting the Knauf
Community Involve-
ment Program that gives
supplies to local schools.
Another unique project is
the LEAP program. This
initiative puts dual em-
phasis on teacher-student
development, promoting
Chambers County indus-
trial and economic op-
portunities, and helping
students gain soft-skills
needed for success.
What’s Next?
Moving forward, it’s
important that we not
only continue to move
our county in a positive
direction, but also to
share the successes we’ve
had in Chambers County,
not just with our local
community, but with
those all over the world.
That’s why the CCDA is
launching a new market-
ing campaign to share
what makes Chambers
County a great place to
work, live, and do busi-
Starting with this
article, you can expect to
see an expanded pres-
ence across all media
platforms, promoting our
successes, our opportuni-
ties and our community.
We want to encourage
everyone to follow our
success through our
YouTube, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Facebook and
Twitter accounts, our
website (www.chamber-
and through your local
media outlets.