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Cemetery park entrance off drawing board


Earlier this summer
dozens of concerned
LaFayette residents
converged on City Hall
to express their concerns
and disapproval for a pro-
posed entrance point to
LaFayette’s new city park
through a portion of the
LaFayette Cemetery.
A map displayed on
the city website showed
several proposed entry
points to the new city
park which included
an option through the
LaFayette Cemetery. La-
Fayette council members
have noted in the past that no definitive entry
point to the park was ever
decided and that the pro-
posal was only an idea.
Information released
by LaFayette Mayor
Barry Moody now has
that proposed entrance
completely off the draw-
ing board. On Monday,
Mayor Moody announced that the maps on the web-
site will be updated to
show no entry point for
the park coming through
the cemetery.
Council members have
not yet announced where
the entry point to the park
will be as the master plan
of the park continues to