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Chambers Schools collects supplies for tornado victims


The Chambers County
School District launched
a concerted effort Mon-
day morning to collect
relief supplies for victims
of a devastating tornado
that ripped through Lee
County Sunday afternoon.
The effort was spearhead-
ed by Valley High School
Assistant Principal Casey
“Our neighbors are in
great need of our help,”
said Chambley. “Many
have lost loved ones and
their entire belongings in
the blink of an eye. School
students that we interact
with in our sports pro-
grams have been effected,
and we want to step up
and give them the support
they desperately need.”
A semi tractor-trailer
has been placed behind the
field house at Valley High
School, where various
supplies will be loaded
over the next couple of
days. Items such as non-
perishable food, clothing,
personal hygiene prod-
ucts, water, and cleaning
supplies are being contrib-
uted by parents, students,
and school personnel
throughout the district.
Relief supplies will be
collected until 5:30 p.m.
today, and from 8 a.m.
until 3:30 p.m. tomorrow,
March 5, at which time
the donated items will be
delivered to Lee County.
“I just want to thank
everyone in advance for
their participation in this
effort,” said Chambley. “I
know everything we do
will be appreciated.”
For additional informa-
tion, contact Valley High
School at 334-756-4105.