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Chambers unemployment ticks up slightly


By Alton Mitchell

The Alabama Department of Labor has released its latest unemployment data for the state for the month of December. The data shows unemployment in Chambers County tilted upward slightly from the month of November, but still remained below the state average.

Chambers County found itself reporting a 5.2% unemployment rate for the month of December. That number was up  from 5.0% in the month of November. According to data released UNEMPLOYMENT from the Alabama Department of Labor there were 798 residents in Chambers County in December who were actively seeking employment. That figure was up from 773 in the month of November.

Statewide the average was 6.2% that rate was up from 5.9% in the month of November. The good news is that Chambers County found itself with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Alabama The lowest unemployment number in the state belong to Shelby County near Birmingham where the unemployment rate was reported at 4.3%. The highest in the state was reported in Wilcox County west of Montgomery where the unemployment rate had risen to 15.6% from 14.7% the month before.
Last Monday while addressing LaFayette’s city council Chris Busby of the Chambers County Development Authority announced that Chambers County had the seventh lowest unemployment rate in the state for the month of December. Despite the uptick in unemployment Chambers County still has 14,539 people employed in the county.

The national unemployment rate was slightly below Chambers County average which was reported as 4.7%.  That number had risen slightly from 4.6% in the month of November. Nationwide Massachusetts and North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rates according to the U.S. Department of Labor both states reported a 2.8% unemployment rate in the month of December. The highest unemployment was recorded in Alaska which carried a rate of 6.7%. New Mexico was close behind with 6.6% unemployment. Alabama had the third highest unemployment rate in the nation at 6.2% falling just behind Louisiana which reported a 6.1% rate.