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Church dedicates scholarship for pastor’s 20 years of service

Church dedicates scholarship for pastor’s 20 years of service


Shenica Landers (mother), Sheqwedeus Vines (recipient), Lady Carolyn Dixon and Pastor Gary L Dixon
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church family celebrated their Pastor, Rev. Gary L. Dixon and Lady Carolyn P. Dixon 20th years of dedicated pastoral  service this pass weekend.

The weekend started out with Saturday evening banquet held at the Opelika Southern Union Banquet Hall, with the guest speaker of the evening was Michael Winston, the new Pastor of Sardis Baptist Church of Camphill AL. The weekend continues with regular Sunday morning church service where his nephew Pastor David King from Detroit Michigan  was the guest speaker of the hour.

The celebration continued at 2:30 that evening. with the annual Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Pastoral Anniversary, to recognize and give honor to their  Pastor Gary L Dixon and Lady Carolyn Dixon.

In Honor of the 20th Pastoral Anniversary celebration, the church dedicated a scholarship called Gary L. Dixon (POUR) Pouring Out Unexpected Rewards.
The 1st recipient for the scholarship was dedicated to Sheqwedeus Vines from Lafayette Al. Vines is a graduated of Lafayette High School class of 2014 where she›s now furthering her education at Auburn University School of Nursing. Vines is the daughter of late Thaddues Vines and Shenica Landers of Lafayette Al.

Vines is also Co-founder of the (YFACC) Young Fly Adults Chasing Christ. Which is a Youth Christian organization for young adults. YFACC is founded by  Quan Whitlow and Sheqwedeus Vines . YFACC serves to encourage young adults to be BOLD in spreading their love for Christ, to help young adults prioritize their relationship with God. And to help them be fearless and without shame when it comes to living a life pleasing to God. #FlyForChrist

The scholarship was dedicated in honor of Pastor Dixon for his continued acts of kindness, and his expression of Godly love toward others. Pastor Dixon always encourages young people to strive to be the best that they can be and he has a genuine  concern when it comes to others.
This award will be given out annually to some deserving individual.

The church members was very excited and say they Thank God for sending them such an Loving Pastor.

In Speaking with  Vines, how she feels about receiving such an great  honor she states:  “Words cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now.
  I strive my hardest to stay consistent and obedient to God. I do my best to keep my trust in Him.

 But sometimes the journey gets rough. There are some days where I struggle to maintain, holding on by a thread of faith.

There are some days where I feel like, “Okay God. I’m doing everything you ask of me. I pray. I sow. I try to be faithful. I prioritize you every day.
 I mess up daily but my heart is pure and chasing after you. I repent and strive to do better. Is all of this even worth it? Has anything I’ve done [and do] been worth it? Why do you seem so silent when it comes to certain situations?” The past week was one of those weeks for me.

But today, God showed me: “Qwey, I hear you. I see you. Qwey, I know. Nothing you›ve done is wasted. Just keep your hand in mine. Keep doing what you›re doing.
 Continue to strive and trust in me. Don’t grow weary. You’ve come too far. Be patient. Wait on me…WAIT PATIENTLY in my presence…WAIT PATIENTLY IN MY PRESENCE!!” Whew! I’m just in awe.

Today, my church family and I were supposed to be celebrating my Pastor›s 20th Pastoral Anniversary…but they ended up somehow surprisingly celebrating and sowing into me.. To say that I›m blessed to have a wonderful Pastor and church family who dearly loves me, supports me, believes in me, and who prays for/with me is an understatement!! Thank you Lord for reassurance!!”