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Church delivers gifts to home

Church delivers gifts to home

By Pamela Holloway

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church family where Rev. Gary L Dixon serves as
Pastor stopped in at the Hosanna Home/Hope’s Inn last week and blessed the families with gifts and Christmas caroling.

Speaking with Rev. Dixon he states their saying is as Christians “We are Blessed to be a Blessing to others and that’s what its all about” Showing Love and representing Christ while doing it.

While searching the Hosanna Home/Hope’s Inn facebook page here’s what I found the director had to say about the Christmas Blessing from Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Family.

“When God’s people show His love, the message of Jesus and of the gospel is clear to anyone who is around.

The women and children of Hosanna Home were shown just how special they were tonight when the people of Mt. Calvary Church came by with Christmas gifts for all.

There were toys, clothes, boots, sneakers, and all types of things for
everyone in the house. While the gifts are great and absolutely needed

The message that they are worthy of good and beautiful things is even greater and more needed by these women.
Thank you so much Mt. Calvary, for sharing your hearts with us this Christmas season. (Photos by Pamela Holloway)