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Citizen angry with Commissioners’ trip


Dear Editor,

Our board of commissioners, better known as the “Traveling Troubadours” or the “Chambers County Globetrotters,” has already begun its annual vacation forays hither and thither.

Some commissioners and their cohorts spent several days recently in Washington, D.C., sniffing the cherry blossoms.  (I have tried for days to get a list of who made the trip and what the cost was to the taxpayers but to no avail.  Stay tuned.)

Everyone who made the trip should be required to write a report:  “What I learned on the trip to Washington that can benefit the citizens of Chambers County.”  Most would need only two words:  “Absolutely Nothing!”

We were only told that they consulted with Rep. Mike Rogers on issues of local concern.  (As if he were never in the neighborhood!)

What is so irritating about our local commissioners is the contemptible disdain they show the local citizens.  They seem above and beyond any accountability.  They are the big dogs and we taxpayers are merely convenient fire hydrants!

John  H. Hayes

Five Points