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Citizens pack city hall to complain about rumored park access road


It was standing room
only at city hall in
LaFayette on Monday
evening. Nearly 100
members of the com-
munity converged on the
small building downtown
with a common goal, to
let city leaders know they
were opposed to an idea
of having a entry point
to the New City Park in
LaFayette run through the
LaFayette cemetery.
LaFayette resident,
Harriet Jones spoke for
the mass of people before
council as she read a
prepared statement on the
concerns with the new
park entry point. As Jones
opened up her statements
she first offered her sup

port for the efforts and
promotion of the park
that local officials had put
forth.However, the positive
parts of LaFayette’s new
park were put to rest as
concern was expressed
about how residents
would gain access to the
park. Jones highlighted
five possible entry points
to the park which in-
cluded 4th Place SE, 4th
Street SE, Utility Access
Road, Brookwood Drive,
and a point near 7th Av-
enue SE, near J.P. Powell
Middle School.
Jones first touched
on the access point at
4th Place SE, which is
where residents are pres-
ently gaining access to the
completed portion of the
park. However, Jones did
highlight that the entry
point is causing problems
and concerns for the
thirteen homes that sit
along the roadway. “This
has been a dead end street
for nearly 70 years, and
now there is traffic,” said
Next Jones discussed
an access point at 4th
Street Southeast, which
is located just north of
the Hilltop Apartments.
Jones cited this as a good
access point, because
there were already numer-
ous speed bumps along
the roadway which can
prevent vehicles from
speeding down the road-
Jones then discussed the roadway near J.P.
Powell Middle School.
Jones cited that this road
is very lightly populated
with only four homes,
two of which are occu-
pied presently and two
vacant. Jones then hit on
an Utility Truck Access
Road just off of Highway
50. Jones pointed out that
there are no homes on the
road and despite it carry-
ing the longest route and
requiring paving it could
prove to the be the best
access point.
Jones then closed by
speaking of an access
point on Brookwood
Drive. A small street that
runs next to the LaFayette
Cemetery just off Avenue
A. Jones pointed out that
the roadway was con-
structed in 1944 as a third
entry point to the cem-
etery for expansion at the
cemetery. Jones expressed
that concern was with her
and other attendees to the
meeting that an access
point on Brookwood
Drive would put strain on
the cemetery and cre-
ate congestion along the
small roadway.
“Many park on this
roadway for funerals,”
said Jones as she pointed
out that vehicles passing
along Brookwood Drive
would create additional
vehicle traffic for funeral
goers to the cemetery. Jones voiced her concern
as she stated the history of
the cemetery and strong
community support it re-
ceives from local donors.
Mayor Barry Moody
told Jones and the room
of those opposed to
the park entry point on
Brookwood Drive, that no
decision has been made
as of yet where the entry
point would be to the
park. The only decision
that has been made up to
this point is to go through
4th Place SE to get to the
current toddler play-
ground at the park.
The statement ex-
pressed by Mayor Moody
was reinforced by Coun-
cilman Michael Ellis, who
is on the park committee.
Ellis explained that the
committee has not yet de-
cided which entry point to
go through. Council mem-
bers and Mayor Moody
listen to the concerns of
those in attendance at
Monday evenings meet-
ing, but took no action.
The Mayor also advised
those in attendance that
no action will be taken
without public knowledge
being given.
Local government rep-
resentatives also advised
members of the com-
munity the park project
did set aside 3.5 acres for
expansion of the cemetery
in the future.