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Citizens urged to complete survey


The time has come
for Chambers County
residents to express their
views concerning the
future direction of their
public school system.
For the past few weeks,
people have been directed
through social media to
view a video presentation
entitled “What If,” which
examines, among other
things, the proposal of a
centrally-located consoli-
dated high school.
“We decided the time
had come to look at where
we are now and where
we need to be in years to
come that will give our
children the best oppor-
tunity to compete and
succeed in an ever-chang-
ing global market,” said
Chambers County School
Superintendent Dr. Kelli
Hodge. “It just makes
sense to pool our re-
sources toward a common
goal that will eventually
improve our local educa-
tion system, economy, and
overall quality of life.”
That process has now
transitioned to the next
level, with citizens being
asked to participate in
an online survey. Topics
include consolidation,
school safety, technology
and capital improvements.
The electronic survey can
be accessed through the
school system’s website
at www.chambersk12.org
or Facebook page. Paper
copies are also available
at every county school
“It is absolutely crucial
that every citizen makes
their voice heard on these
vital issues. Our public
school students deserve
the best education we can
possibly provide for them,
and change is an essential
part of attaining our ulti-
mate goal,” Hodge added.
The project manage-
ment firm of HPM was
hired by the Chambers
County Board of Educa-
tion to spearhead the col-
lection of data and public
input. Once the survey
results have been as-
sessed, HPM will conduct
two public forums, allow-
ing citizens an opportunity
to discuss the results. The
first will be held on Mon

day, Nov. 26, at the Valley
Community Center begin-
ning at 6:30 p.m. EST.
Then on Tuesday, Nov. 27,
a forum will be conducted
at the Alfa Building in LaFayette beginning at 9
a.m. CST.
“This process will
give us a clear indication
of what we need to do
moving forward,” said
Hodge. “Public support
is imperative for us to be
successful, and that’s why
we encourage total com-
munity involvement.”