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City agrees to adjust Quality of Care lease


By Alton Mitchell

The Quality of Care Clinic in LaFayette has been a member of the community for one-year now. The clinic which has locations throughout Alabama has reached a milestone and must renew its lease with the city on the property it leases on 9th Avenue. As the present lease expires the facility has requested new more flexible lease terms with the city as it continues operations in the city of LaFaytte.

Quality of Care targeted the LaFayette community for a new clinic early last year. The clinic had goals to include healthcare and dental service and the possibility of mental healthcare services in the future. The organization does now have a doctor at the facility in LaFayette as operations continue. The plans for the dental facility have not yet materialized at the location as the lease wears down.

In a letter to the city of LaFayette Quality of Care requested more flexible lease terms as it renews its lease. The company requested that the city offer them a month to month lease option as opposed to a full year lease agreement. On Monday evening members of the LaFayette City Council unanimously agreed to the month to month option.

It was noted by members of council that the request came as Quality of Care is looking to locate to a new facility. Council members stated that the company plans to remain in LaFayette, and just wants to move to a new facility. There is no word on which area of the city the clinic may be looking at moving to.

Before approving the resolution to the month to month lease agreement council members also gave approval to Mayor Moody and City Clerk Louis T. Davidson to work with the company as they work to improve their operations in LaFayette.