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City begins demolishing nuisance properties


The city of LaFayette is
making good on its prom

ise to clean up dilapidated
properties in the city of
LaFayette. The city has
begun the demolition of
properties in the city that
have not been fixed up and
are in a state of decay and
an overall nuisance to the
According to George
Green, Streets Superin-
tendent for the city of
LaFayette the city has de

molished three properties
across the city that have
been declared as nuisance
properties and the own

ers have failed to fix up.
The latest property was
demolished on Monday
on Martin Luther King
Jr. Drive near J.P. Powell
Middle School.
According to Green at
least one other property is
set for demolition and he
and his crews have also
prepped another property
in the city to be used for
a controlled burn and
training for the LaFayette
Fire Department during its
In a council meeting
last month LaFayette lead

ers announced they would
hold public hearings be

fore each council meeting
and target ten properties
in the city that have been
identified by code enforce

ment as being in viola-
tion of the city code for
LaFayette leaders have
held numerous public
hearings over the years
to try to get property
owners to fix up property
and clean up their yards.
Leaders have discussed
how they can get tougher
on property owners to get
them in compliance with
city code. The demoli

tion is a final step after
property owners have been
advised to fix up property
and address city leaders
about their plans to fix up
property in the city.
During a city coun-
cil meeting last month,
council gave extensions
to two property owners
in LaFayette who were
working on plans to fix
up their property. The city
notifies property owners
by mail and by tagging
the property with a notice
asking the property owner
to come to a city council
meeting and discuss the
state of the property.