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City Designates Miracles for Myers Weekend

Probate Judge Paul Story, Sheriff Sid Lockhart and city council members pose with Cheryl Myers after designating this weekend as Miracles for Myers.

By Shannon Hunter

Mayor Barry Moody called to order the November 18, 2019 meeting of the LaFayette City Council, with Council Members Neal McCurdy, Toney Thomas, Mike Ellis, Tammie Williams and Charlotte Blasingame present. Council Members Neal McCurdy and Toney Thomas were absent.

After the invocation and approval of the minutes of the Nov. 4. Council Meeting, the Mayor read a proclamation designating the weekend of Nov. 23 as Miracles for Myers Weekend. James Myers, son of Hermon and Cheryl Myers, is unable to walk as a result of a staph infection. The Myers family operates the Christian Service Center in Lanett. In addition to James Myers’ affliction, Cheryl Myers is suffering from a severe back problem, so that the management of the Center has devolved on the Myers’ daughter, Kristy Eddy, who received the proclamation.

Sheriff Sid Lockhart, Probate Judge Paul Story and Chuck Anderson, Pastor of the Shawmut Baptist Church, spoke on behalf of the Myers family, praising the family’s service to the community, and Kristy Webb thanked the Council on behalf of the family. Contributions to the family can be made online at www.gofundme.com, or checks sent to the Shawmut Baptist Church, 2300 23rd Drive, Valley, AL 36854.

Police Chief George Rampey told the Council about the Community Forum on Keeping Our Kids Safe From Human Trafficking, to be held at 5:30 PM on Dec. 3, at the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, 11322 Veterans Memorial Parkway. Chief Rampey told the Council that those who attend the Forum will learn just how close some of these crimes are to us.
The Council received information from Police Chief Rampey about the application to transfer the Retail Beer, Retail Table Wine, and Tobacco of the Pace Car convenience store to the new owner, Chirag Patel. This item had been postponed from the Nov. 4th. meeting because of the lack of a background check for the new owner. City Attorney “Mac” Tucker asked if a background check had been done. Chief Rampey said that he had fulfilled all the requirements that the State requires, and that the Alcoholic Beverage Commission had done the necessary checks. Mr. Tucker pointed out that the City’s application requires the Chief’s signature that a background check had been done, and asked if the LaFayette Police had done such a check. After considerable discussion without resolution, the Council voted to approve the transfer.
The next topic was the Municipal Workers Compensation Fund, and the Council voted to appointment City Clerk Louis Davidson to be Municipal Workers Compensation Fund Safety Coordinator. In addition, the Vester Health Center was named as Medical group to be used by employees for non-emergency, job-related injuries.

Councilwoman Williams informed the Council and Chief Rampey that the citizens of her district were complaining to her about loose dogs. The Chief and the Mayor said that they would take care of the matter.
Councilwoman Blasingame thanked the citizens who attended the Main Street Alabama meeting last week, and said that the project was moving forward.

The Council voted to pay bills in the amount of $308,974.85.

The Council then went into Executive Session to discuss preliminary negotiations of a competitive nature.

After the Executive Session, the Mayor suggested that the Council postpone seeking bids for the new City Hall until January, and that the resolution be considered in the first Council Meeting in December. The Council also voted to reschedule the December Council Meetings from the regular second and fourth Mondays to the first and third Mondays.

Resolution No. 2019-11-18-01 was approved to continue Business License Services with the current provider.

Resolution No. 2019-11-18-02 Sign Change Request is resolution requesting all State departments to spell the City’s name with a capital “F”. Councilwoman Blasingame had observed that several signs installed by the State of Alabama used a lower-case “F”. City Attorney Tucker reported that City Clerk Louis Davidson had researched the original charter and found that the name shown there is “La Fayette”, with a space between “La” and “Fayette”. Attorney Tucker told the Council that he had drafted a resolution stating that the spelling “LaFayette” had been used for a very long time, and asking all State entities to correct their signs. The Council voted to approve the resolution.

The Council also authorized the Mayor to enter into a contract, approved by the City Attorney, paying up to $10,500 to Elise Cormier for seeking funding for the new City Park.

The transfer of LaFayette Cemetery Deed # 1528 from Clifford Edge to Carolyn Edge

Wheeler was approved.

City Clerk Louis Davidson reminded the Council of the need to work on the City Budget. After some discussion, the Council Members present agreed to meet at 5:00PM, and City Clerk Davidson will contact all Council Members to establish a date for the Work Session. Video available at www.lafayetteforcitizens.org.