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City enters phase 2 of emergency water plan

LaFayette water and wastewater superintendent Katie Hill made a recommendation to the City Council at Monday’s regular meeting for the city to enter into Phase 2 of the Emergency Water Conservation Plan. Phase 2 calls for mandatory restrictions on water use. Hill is shown above at the city lake standing at the point where the water level should be. She said the water supply is down to 75 days.

On Monday night, LaFayette’s water and wastewater superintendent Katie Hill told the mayor and council that the city’s water supply was down to 75 days. She recommended entering into Phase 2 of the city’s Emergency Water Conservation Plan. This comes nearly a month after the council voted to enter into Phase 1; the water supply was at 92 days at that time.

Phase 2 carries the same restrictions as Phase 1 but they are now mandatory. It also calls for a mandatory ten percent water use reductions by all water users. Hill noted that commercial carwashes are still exempt from the restrictions.

The council unanimously approved Hill’s recommendation.

Phase 2 restrictions are listed below:

-There shall be no hose washing of sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas, except that flammable or other dangerous substances may be disposed of by direct hose flushing for the benefit of public health and safety.

-No water shall be used to clean, fill, or maintain levels in swimming pools or decorative fountains unless such water is part of a recycling system.

-No restaurant, hotel, café, cafeteria, or other public place where food is sold, served or offered for sale, shall serve drinking water to any customer unless expressly requested.

-No customer of LaFayette shall permit water to leak from any facility on his premises; and a failure to affect a timely repair of any leak shall subject said customer to all penalties provided herein for waste of water.

-No lawn, landscape, or other turf areas including vegetable or flower gardens shall be watered or irrigated using water from LaFayette until adequate water supplies are available.

-No washing of automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers, or any other vehicle or part thereof will be permitted while this phase is in effect. Commercial car washes are exempt.

Councilman David Ennis noted that violators should not be given a warning, but rather be fined on the first offense. The penalties for failure to comply with any provisions of the plan are a surcharge penalty in an amount equal to twenty-five percent of the water bill for the first violation. For a second violation occurring within 12 months of the first violation a surcharge penalty will be imposed in an amount equal to forty percent of the water bill. For any subsequent violation of any of the provisions within 12 months of the first violation, LaFayette shall discontinue water service for that customer at the premises where the violation occurred.